The Incredible Staff!!
Gramma Freda- Founder She was mother of 5 wonderful children, 15 grandchildren and 10
great grandchildren. (the family is ever growing) In 1980 she opened our first Childcare Center.
She immediately joined the Professional Association of Childhood Educators (P.A.C.E.) It is a
statewide association. She served as area Chairperson, Vice President for 4 years and then
President for four years. She became a member of the national Child Care Association (N.C.C.
A.) and served as secretary for 4 years. She also has lobbied for quality daycare and testified in
Sacramento over many different children's issues. She served on the Board of Directors for the
Community Child Care Council (4C's) of Santa Clara County for twenty years taking the budget
from $125,000 to $28 million. She owned and operated a total of 3 Preschools. She is the
reason our preschool has been hugging, loving and educating children since 1980.

Ms. Lee - Senior Director / Owner-I have been working with children since 1972. I have B.S.
Degree in Early Child Development. I have had a strong passion for children from a young age. I
am the second oldest in a family of 5 children. I have four boys of my own and 4 grandchildren. I
opened Kinderwood in 1980 with my mother. We wanted to give children a safe and loving
environment that will promote positive self-esteem and encourage their imagination to grow and
learn. Pre-school is a major stepping stone to building a good foundation for their future. Every
day we make their early years the best and most rewarding that they can be.

Ms. Char- Program Director- I have been with Kinderwood since 2000. This is my second
home. I love each day that I come to work! I have worked with every age in this school. Even
though I am not a teacher anymore, I am involved with each classroom. On a personal note: I
am a mother to a very energetic and handsome boy, Robert. He was born October 2007. He is
my pride and joy. I feel that he has opened my eyes to a whole new world I never could have
imagined. I am married to a wonderful Giant, Jim. I also love to hang out with my family. We love
to go to sporting events, wine tastings, BBQs and overall just be with each other. Kinderwood is
my second family and I would not trade it, the teachers or any of the children for the world.

Ms. Danielle: Office and Cook-. I started working at Kinderwood in 1994. I have worked in
babies, toddlers and 3-year old’s. I left Kinderwood in 1998 to be a stay at home mom to my
three beautiful children. I have a daughter who is now in college and attending University of
Puget Sound in Tacoma, 2 Sons at Pioneer High School. I have returned to Kinderwood to help
in the office and do the cooking for the school. My free time is usually spent being with my family
and watching them play sports. I love being around children of all ages, even my teenagers. Go

Ms. Shahira - Rm 1- Infants- I am married, and I have two sons. Waise who is grown and is no
longer living at home and my youngest Soleyman is a Senior in high school. I can speak two
languages, English and Farsi. I have 12 ECE units and I am First aid and CPR trained. Infants
are my favorite age group. I love all of the one on one attention and affection that infants need
because they give it right back to me. I have been a part of the Kinderwood family since 2002.

Ms. Rocio - Rm 1- Infants- Biography Coming soon

Ms. Julia-Room 1- Infant- I have been part of the Kinderwood family for many years. I have been
working with children since the early 90’s. Currently I work in the infant class however I have
worked in all of the classes; I love working with children of all ages. I find it rewarding when I
form strong relationships with my students and their families. I completed my early childhood
education at West Valley College.  I have an adult son and daughter. I also have two crazy
Chihuahuas who think they run my home! In my free time I love to cook, read, and stay healthy by
walking. I enjoy watching cooking shows and reading cooking magazines and experimenting
with new recipes!

Ms. Michelle-Rm 2- Toddlers-  I joined the Kinderwood Family in 2018. I have an Early
Childhood Development Associate Teacher Certificate that I received from Las Posits College in
Livermore in 2007. In 2014, I graduated from San Jose State University in studio photography.
When I meet children tend to bond to them quickly.  I certainly feel like the kids here will become
family to me. I cannot wait to see these kids grow into their own unique personalities. Thank you
for already making me feel like a part of the Kinderwood family. I’m so excited to be here!

Ms. Cheyenne- Rm 2 Toddlers- I started at Kinderwood late August 2016. I started as a floater
and eventually became Toddler teacher. I am a De Anza College student studying early
childhood education. I have a son of my own that attends Kinderwood. I started in the childcare
field when I was 15 years old at my auntie's daycare, I also volunteered my summers in another
preschool. I became a nanny to triplets after graduating Cupertino High School. When I became
of age I worked for Child Care Careers as a substitute teachers aid. I worked at 20+ child
development centers in Santa Clara county. After gaining my experience I became a Montessori
teacher aid. I am well rounded and worked with children from different learning environments.
Educating children and being a mother is my passion. I take great pride in what I do for a living.

Ms. Maria- Rm 2- 1 Year Old’s-I have been teaching since October 2007. I studied at San Jose
City College graduate with my ECE AS Degree in 2015. I enjoy working with children. In my free
time I enjoy spending time with my family especially my cousins.

Ms. Carrie - Rm 2 Toddlers- I attended West-Med College in San Jose California where I
attained my 12 ECE Units. I’ve been working with children of all ages since 2000. The things I
enjoy the most about working with children is watching them grow and mature. It really makes
me happy to be a part of their lives. I have three sisters and one brother. I’m the youngest in my
family. I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, relaxing on the beach, reading a good book and
going to family functions. I’m happy and excited to be a part of Kinderwood.

Ms. Lorna: Toddlers /Floating  : Biography Coming Soon

Ms. Bernice- Rm 3 - 2-year old’s- I have been in childcare for more than 17 years. I love working
with children of all ages. I am dedicated to fostering a warm and nurturing environment in which
children can learn and grow. I have lived in the bay area most of my life and have two beautiful
grown daughters of my own. I am so happy to be part of the Kinderwood family.

Ms. Jackie- Rm 3- 2-year old’s-  I have been working at Kinderwood since 2000. I have 16 ECE
units and I am First aide and C.P.R. Trained. I can speak 3 languages. They are English, Farsi
and Assyrian. I am married with one daughter. Her name is Mona. She graduated from San
Jose State. I love working with children because I always wanted a large family. Kinderwood is
my second family. I enjoy watching the children grow and learn. Most of all, I love what they teach
me through their innocence, love, and humor. The best part of my job is that at the end of my day
I never feel like I left work.

Ms. Myra - Rm 3- 2-year old’s I have found a passion for working with children. Especially the
littles. I have been working with children since 2014. I've worked with grades K through 5th as a
YMCA after-school leader, and I also worked with the littles at other daycare centers. I come from
a big family 2 younger brothers and 7 first cousins on both mom and dad's side and I am the
oldest of them all. I believe I found my passion for working with children at home and within my
family. I am a Disney and coffee lover. Some of my interests are watching sports (A's, Raiders,
Warriors) at home with family and attending games when I can, and warriors ticket prices aren't
through the roof. I also have this thing for photography, I was a photographer for the South Valley
Grizzlies (
Pop Warner)

Ms. Valerie- Rm 4- 3-year old’s I am the teacher for the 3-year old’s. They are my favorite age.
This is when they are the most inquisitive and eager to learn and experience new things. I have
been working with children since forever! I have been working at Kinderwood since April 2003. I
have 16 ECE units and I am first aide and C.P.R. Trained. I can speak two languages, English
and Portuguese. Working with children has been my most rewarding profession.

Ms. Diana- Rm 5: 4-year old’s-  Hola! Mi nombre es Diana. Hello! My name is Diana. I speak,
read and write in English and Spanish. I am currently working in room 4 with the 3-year old’s. I
started working with children in 2013. I started with Kinderwood in 2015. Working with 3-year old
has been my favorite age to work with. Their brains are still developing and growing, I love being
part of that process. It brings joy to my life. I have 5 sisters, a niece and a mother that I love very
much! I love to travel, take road trips and cook for large groups. I am a student at Mission
College obtaining my AS in Early Childhood Education with a CHAD Major. As a child care
provider, I practice respect, honesty, values and treat each child as a worthy person. I believe it is
important to learn each child's unique way of learning. My favorite quote is “A teacher adapts to
the child not the child to the teacher.”

Ms. Jennal- Rm 5: 4-year old’s - I have 2 beautiful grown daughters. I've been working with
children for many years and I really enjoy it. I worked at the very first Kinderwood for 13 years and
returned in 2007. I really enjoy singing and music and movement with the children. My favorite
thing to do is Polynesian dancing and traveling to Hawaii.

Ms. Angela- Rm 2 – Substitute- Hi, my name is Angela. I have a daughter who was born in the
summer of 2016. I have been working with children for 9 years. I was an infant and toddler
teacher, I was a Nannie, and I did substitute work for infants to Pre-k. Working with children is
something that I truly enjoy doing. With children I love to read books, dance, and do art activities.
Besides working with children, I like to go hiking, camping, and going to sport games.
Warner football) for about 4 years. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity to work at
Kinderwood, I look forward to spending quite some time here!
Kinderwood Children's Center
"I am a single Dad of 2 very
energetic boys. My boys can
not wait to get up in the
morning and come to
Kinderwood. The staff has
always been very supportive
and understanding of our
situation. They care for the
whole family not just the child."
The Saldana Family
"My child went to Kinderwood
the first 5 years of her life. Now
that my child is in Kindergarten I
can truly see what a difference
being at Kinderwood has done
for my child. She started her
Kindergarten year ahead of her
The Joel Family
" The best thing about
Kinderwood is that they are truly
there everyday for your child. I
have never seen such a great
staff of friendly and loving
The Brower Family
"My child has been attending
Kinderwood for 2 years. During
her time here I have seen her
grow by leaps and bounds. She
is growing up so fast right
before my very eyes."
The Carry Family