Photo Album
Kinderwood Children's Center
"My grandchildren have
been attending
Kinderwood since they
were infants. I was so
pleased with how
gentle and loving the
staff was. They helped
to make the separation
easier. I never felt like I
was leaving them with
strangers....They were
The Reed Family
After my divorce my
children and I moved out to
San Jose to start a new life.
It was not easy emotionally
or financially. I have always
been able to support our
family, but, with the new
situation I needed to
receive financial aid from a
subsidised program. I was
Kinderwood's staff treated
me and my family with
respect and love. They
helped us to overcome one
of the most difficult times in
our lives."
The Griffin Family
"Words can not
express how much
Kinderwood means
to our family.  They
are more than just a
school. They are part
of my children.
Kinderwood was one
of the best
educational choices
we have made for
our children."
The Hillis Family
Some of the Special Events