August 31st, 2017
Dear Parents,

   Our 2017-2018 school year is about to officially begin. We know that you want
your child to have the best care possible and we want to be the ones to provide
them and you with top notch quality care! Attached are some general
“housekeeping” reminders. There are a few forms that need to be read, signed,
and returned back to Ms. Char by Tuesday, September 5th .

    We are CLOSED Friday, September 1st. This is our annual Teacher In-Service
Day. We are also CLOSED Monday, September 4th for Labor Day. Please note
that all regular tuition rates still apply for these 2 weeks as per our policy. We hope
that everyone has a happy and safe 4-day weekend.

    We are making some major changes to our teaching format this school year.
Typically, we start September with ABC’s and 123’s. Not this year, we are starting
with a month of teaching the social emotional child. We will be working on
identifying emotions, role-playing problem solving methods, teaching manners,
developing and teaching our community rules & learning how to show and be
respectful to our peers and the adults in our lives. Depending on how well our
children learn these skill sets will determine if we continue this module for one
more month. Do not worry, your child will learn their ABC’s and 123’s. However,
we feel that it does not matter what knowledge they possess if they cannot work
peacefully and constructively with their peers. Rooms 4 and 5 will be having a
combined Back-to-School night on Wednesday, September 20th @ 6:15- 7:
15pm. It is very important that all Room 4 & 5 families attend. Please note that this
is a Parent Only Night. As always you can talk to the teachers or the office if you
have any comments or concerns about the curriculum. We are always available for
open communication.

New Rate Sheet: Our full day weekly rates are increasing by $10 per week. Our
half day rates are increasing by $5 per week. All rate increases are effective
Monday, October 2nd.

Enrollment Form: Please fill out this form as accurate as possible. We use
these forms to schedule our teachers to meet ratio requirements and to make
sure that we have the correct quantities at breakfast and snacks.

Policy Page: Please read each general school policy and initial. At the bottom of
the form you will need to sign and date.

What’s the Buzz: Please be sure to be as detailed as possible. The teachers
will use this as a reference for your child. We will also use this document to update
any allergies or concerns that we should be aware of.

Important Dates: Mark your calendars! We have many exciting and interesting
things on our calendar.

General School Guidelines: This page is for your general knowledge. By
following these guidelines, you will help us in knowing that your child has the
highest quality care.

Procedures: Please be sure that you understand each of the steps on the
procedure page. By following these procedures your child will have the best
possible start and finish to their day. They were designed to promote a constant
flow of communication between home and school. We know that your days are
busy and it is easy to skip over a step here and there. However, by skipping any of
these steps you are in risk of missing vital pieces of information.

Cubby Reminders:  These are the ONLY things that should be in your child’s

s My Child Too Sick for School? These are some of the basic guidelines if
your child should remain home from school. If your child is sent home from school
it is more than likely that they were displaying one or more of the listed symptoms.
Please be prepared to keep your child home for the next 24 hours. In some cases,
a doctor’s note may be required before your child may return to school. This policy
is required by the State of California to ensure the health and safety of all of the
children in attendance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Scholastic Book Club: This letter introduces you to our Scholastic book clubs.
You may go online and order books for your child or their classroom. Every dollar
spent earns us reward dollars that we can then spend for the classroom. Be sure
to use our class activation code J6RMZ.

   Please remember that all the papers in this packet are important and crucial to
the quality of care that your child receives. Many of these documents are required
by the State of California and must be returned by Tuesday, September 5th.
Thank you again for sharing your amazing children with us. We look forward to
helping your child grow to their maximum potential while building their self-esteem
and independence. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to
speak to Miss Char.

Thank you again for your cooperation,
Kinderwood Children’s Center
Annual Pumpkin Patch Field Trip.
All of our 3 and 4 year olds walked
down to the pumpkin patch and
picked out their very own Pumpkin.
Kinderwood Children's Center
"Kinderwood has given my child
a lifetime of memorable
experiences. The staff is more
than just my child's teacher they
are a part of our hearts and our
family"  The Anderson Family
" It is the greatest
thing when my son
comes running into my
arms at pick up and
cannot wait to tell me
what great and
exciting things he has
learned today!!"
The Beleno Family